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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'll tell you a bit more about me in a moment but let's talk about you.! 


Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than the improvement I see in my students! 

You are probably here because you are wondering if I am able to help you with your singing? Whether you will be spending your money wisely? You are quite right to do so! To put your mind at rest I offer 100% money back guarantee on all singing lessons. If you are not 100% satisfied with your lesson, you don't pay a penny!

When you come for a lesson we begin with a brief chat about your vocal goals, as we gently warm the voice. Then generally the lesson will move on to Technical Work. 


Technical work involves working through your range performing the vocal equivalent of Yoga exercises, which warm, stretch, strengthen and co-ordinate your vocal muscles.

  • When your voice is aligned correctly you will feel unparalleled freedom in your singing, allowing for far greater self expression. 

  • Regular technical work will improve your vocal sound and tuning.

  • Your flexibility will improve and you will find riffs, runs and scales are easier to negotiate.

  • You will gain strength and volume in your voice.

  • Your vocal range will extend to it's full potential.

  • And you will learn to negotiate vocal registers seamlessly.

Once the voice is ready we move on to Repertoire. The choice of repertoire is entirely up to you. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Musical Theatre, Operetta, Opera or any other genre. Of course I would always advise against a song that is unsuitable for you and suggest repertoire that nurtures your abilities and allows your voice to shine.

Technical work and Repertoire are the most important components of a singing lesson and may be all you need to reach your goals but, if you so wish, lessons can, and often do, include some of the following:

  • Musicianship - Learning to read and understand music. Sight-reading and music theory. I teach Mike Campbell's superb course which takes you from beginner to master session singer. (

  • Improvisation - Vital for making a song your own.

  • Composition - Learn how to write your own songs

  • Microphone technique - The microphone has become unavoidable in modern singing and knowing how to use it can be the difference between a good or bad performance.

  • Performance coaching - learn how to have stage presence, how to engage an audience and how to act through your song appropriately.

  • Song Learning techniques - Gain the tools that mean you will never forget a word onstage ever again, never 'dry' or be reliant on other actors or even the band! These techniques will give you 100% confidence that you can give your best.

All of this, and much more, I have learned over many years of study and through 25 years of experience as a professional musician.

So, a bit more about me... 

I have always sung. As a choir boy I took the leads at school and in church. I began playing the piano at the age of 11 and I also play a little guitar, bass and drums. I went on to do a Music Degree at Goldsmiths college London before beginning a career as a professional singer and pianist, touring the UK and the rest of the world performing in Opera, Operetta, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Big Band, Jazz, Blues, Pop and other styles.

While still at college I became fascinated with vocal technique and eagerly shared what I had learnt with my friends and colleagues. I began teaching!


While performing professionally I continued my studies in advanced vocal technique with the UK's most respected and knowledgeable vocal technician - Maestro Jeffrey Talbot.


I believe that my 15 years of post graduate study, 25 years of professional and vocational performing experience and 20 years of teaching experience, both privately and at the world famous BRIT School, have uniquely equipped me with the skills  to guide you quickly and effectively to your maximum vocal potential.

Singing lessons are also great fun! :-)

Become fully prepared for the opportunities that come your way 

Book a singing lesson today.

  • Bmus Degree in Music from London University

  • 5 Years private study with Maestro Eduardo Asquez

  • 15 Years postgraduate study in advanced vocal performance and technique with Maestro Jeffrey Talbot

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